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We Belong To The Sun

by Frank Poelman

Hailing from the serene landscapes of Belgium, Frank Poelman is a maestro of calm guitar music with a dash of jazzy vibes. His latest creation, “We Belong To The Sun,” takes you on an enchanting sonic journey.

In this musical piece, Frank sets the stage for an exploration of harmonies and modulations. With masterful guitar playing and a jazz-infused aura, he challenges conventional notions of music. “We Belong To The Sun” is a testament to his dedication to the craft, showcasing the depth of his artistic expression.

This song serves as a tranquil sanctuary, where you can immerse yourself in Frank’s world of harmonious melodies. It’s a musical voyage that encourages you to embrace the beauty of change and the warmth of the sun. Frank Poelman’s “We Belong To The Sun” is a harmonious ode to the ever-shifting tides of life.

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