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We Owe It All To You

by Ellen Hayes

Ellen originally comes from Ecorse, Michigan, grew up in Detroit, Michigan. Gospel recording artist Ellen Hayes is one of the most iconic artists in Motor City. Hayes, a flat-footed singer who can deliver soulful notes, has inspired believers for decades. The gifted alto symbolizes the church through her expertise in traditional gospel music and contemporary gospel music. The multi-talented Organist, pianist, vocalist, songwriter, choir director, and four-time Rhythm of Gospel Nominee prepares to shake up the gospel world with their long-awaited “We owe it all to you.”

This song was originally written in 2006 after Ellen’s dad passed away. He was ill for 10 years and she helped take care of him. She was thankful to God for having the strength to travel 60 miles one way with 8 children Mon-Fri to take care of her Dad. After he passed away, God planted this song in her spirit. Then it was titled “I Owe It All To You”. In 2020 after being diagnosed with Covid and watching as other family members and friends didn’t survive it, she changed the name to “ We Owe it all to You”. God took care of her and so many others through people. We received help physically, financially, medically, and so much more. That could not have happened without God. So why be selfish! I wasn’t alone and she’s sure many believers feel the same way. 

In short, the song “We Owe It All To You” speaks of the greatness of God. God has set us free, healed, and kept us through many moments in our lives. There is nothing we can do without God. This song praises God in a very meaningful way. We can feel that meaning even more in this song from Ellen’s voice. The music combines essentially stunning, addictive elements with another optional, creatively free, and honest indie perspective. It’s worth listening to a few times to soak it all up to perfection, and once you do, it’s settled into the music for any number of different occasions.

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