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What You Been Into

by FYM Dave

The music scene in Cincinnati, Ohio, has always been thriving, and newcomer FYM Dave is leaving his imprint on it with his most recent song, “What You Been Into.”

Music was a constant in Dave’s life since he was a little child in the east end of Cincinnati. His distinctive sound was founded on his eclectic musical heritage, which was influenced by classic rock and old-school hip-hop.

Dave started his musical journey in 2017 by creating and recording his first songs. He met other Cincinnati musicians GkidFBE and BizzyMakesMusic along the process, and both of them were essential in helping him hone his skill. Together, they established FadeAwayBoyz Entertainment, a modest indie company whose mission is to support and develop artists so they can realise their full potential.

Using “What You Been Into,” FYM Dave cordially invites you to embark on a musical journey with him. Although the exact genre of this song is unknown, one thing is certain: Dave’s love for music is evident in every note, making this song an engrossing experience for your ears. Keep an eye out for more from this budding star.

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