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What You Made Me ft Aleesia

by Deoxik

Deoxik made an awesomely refreshing track right now, the vibes are stronger than ever, and as an artist – his fusion of Melodic Bass and pop feels beautifully on point. Deoxik’s “What You Made Me” is a catchy, feel-good melodic bass track featuring beautiful vocals by Aleesia.

Deoxik is an up-and-coming EDM producer based in Los Angeles. Inspired by artists like Avicii, Illenium, Seven Lions, Trivecta, Blanke, and Gryffin, his music is based on beautiful vocals and melodies.

“What You Made Me” is an uplifting and musically organic song that deals with love. The perfect combination of three elements makes the track bright and infectious. The first is the writing – it’s accessible and relatable with easy-to-remember melodies. The second is Aleesia’s voice, who delivers a flawless performance full of soul and style and confidence, meeting the laid-back mood set by that RnB vibe but still delivering plenty of passion and energy.

There’s something immediately appealing about this video, and its simplicity doesn’t detract from its power at all. As the song progresses, a few small details seem to add to the energy of the soundscape – a touch of rhythm, organically, and some distant vocal chords that add that vibe and that soulful authenticity in a subtle but effective way. Everything about the song is thoughtfully incorporated, it’s simple, and organic – as stated – you can visualize this being done right in front of you.

Deoxik carries the song and its underlying emotion effortlessly powerfully, so much so that by the time the track ends, you miss it. That feeling of movement and overcoming is empowering, energizing with ease – it makes you want to get up and do something positive; Step forward and be the change you want to see.

The song builds slowly but surely, and it’s completely satisfying in the process. The hook is powerful and is what sticks in your mind after listening. The future looks beautiful for Deoxik and I can’t wait to listen more.

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