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Whatever I Say

by Shawn Lyric

Shawn Lyric, a rapper from Detroit, has released a new song called “Whatever I Say,” and it’s making waves in the rap community. This tune features a pounding rhythm and lyrics that will leave you feeling vulnerable. Shawn Lyric has spent a lot of time perfecting his sound, and this new album showcases his development and skill.

Shawn Lyric, with his unrepentant delivery, delves deep into the grime of his city, spitting bars that accurately portray the harsh reality of his environment. The album’s title track, “Whatever I Say,” is a prime example of the artist’s fiery and bold style, with music that blends classic rap with modern hip-hop. Shawn Lyric has made a song that is unmistakably his own, from the booming drums to the reflective lyrics.

‘Whatever I Say’ is great listening for anyone who enjoys unpolished rap. This new album by Shawn Lyric further attests to his status as a musical prodigy.

Shawn Lyric

Shawn Lyric

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