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Christine Winburn
Christine Winburn

When Words can’t express

by Christine Winburn

Step into the enchanting world of jazz and soulful melodies with Christine Winburn’s latest masterpiece, “When Words Can’t Express.” Hailing from the heart of Dallas, Texas, Winburn brings a wealth of experience and talent to her music, drawing inspiration from a colorful career that spans both performance and artist management.

With a voice hailed as “rare and unique” by Grammy-winning engineer Chet Himes, Winburn effortlessly weaves tales of love, loss, and life’s poignant moments through her soul-stirring vocals and masterful piano compositions. Her rich musical journey has seen collaborations with legends like Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, and Michael Jackson, solidifying her status as a powerhouse in the industry.

“When Words Can’t Express” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to Winburn’s unwavering passion for music and her ability to evoke raw emotions through her artistry. So, sit back, close your eyes, and let Christine Winburn’s mesmerizing melodies transport you to a world where music speaks louder than words.

Christine Winburn

Christine Winburn

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