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Yaga Yeet

by AresAduu

AresAduu’s latest musical offering certainly secures his place as a hip-hop, rap and creative musician and songwriter. “Yaga Yeet” intrigues with its title alone, and once you arrive, this otherworldly soundscape explodes into life.

The music presents a meandering storyline, the details of which are explored through both the lyrics and how the instruments and influences clash and combine as the track progresses. The opening few moments introduce a calm, confident, yet a slightly experimental piece of music, complete with an indie anthem-style soundscape, and an equal measure of hip-hop-driven, dreamy samples and synths. Soon, AresAduu’s voice creates something completely new on an already very impressive and atmospheric piece of audio.

The type of rap that AresAduu delivers has a rather fresh sound. He doesn’t just imitate other artists and doesn’t recall anyone else in particular – that’s great; With that voice being his, everything from the tone, the soft yet deep performance style and even the slightest hint of an accent, you know who you’re listening to. The flow of the rap concert is really easy to listen to, it adds the summertime vibe with the music and the vocal melody, so the whole thing is so complete – every element is united, working in the same direction, setting the same scene.

Some of the instruments used on this track are quite unusual, so even though the track has a classic feel – that nostalgia we all crave – there’s a lot that’s brand new about it, which speaks volumes. It’s the kind of track that sets you up for a good time while conjuring up the right kind of mood for summer. Some of those retro synth sounds are really effective in this setting.

Individuality is extremely important in independent music, and with AresAduu’s music, you get a nice mix of comfortable familiarity. Because where it falls in the musical world, it’s a job well done, because of that undeniably catchy and memorable hook and his attractive vocal. The good news is, there’s a lot more music that came with it – AresAduu is a dedicated artist with a whole collection of music for you to explore.

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