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You Can’t Say Anything These Days

by The Kev

Straight out of Manchester, England, The Kev, known for his double life as a mild-mannered Mandarin tutor and a satirical genius, unleashes his latest comedy creation, “You Can’t Say Anything These Days.”

The Kev’s transition from viral success in China to crafting English-language satirical tunes is a testament to his wit and adaptability. His unique blend of bottomless cynicism and life-affirming silliness makes “You Can’t Say Anything These Days” a comedic masterpiece.

As The Kev takes on modern taboos with sharp lyricism, he invites you to laugh at the absurdities of the world. So, buckle up for a journey into the comedic universe of The Kev, where no topic is off-limits and laughter knows no bounds.

The Kev

The Kev

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