Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by The Kev

Prepare for a laughter-infused musical experience as The Kev, a mild-mannered Mandarin tutor turned satirical sensation, debuts ‘希望会这样’ (Hope Will Be Like This). Hailing from Manchester, England, The Kev is on a mission to inject humor into the British and Irish music scene.

By day, he imparts Mandarin wisdom, but by night, The Kev weaves comedic tales through his music. His unique approach, characterized by bottomless cynicism and life-affirming silliness, sets him apart in the realm of satire. Two albums of Chinese-language songs went viral, prompting The Kev to set his sights on the British Isles.

‘希望会这样’ is more than just a comedy track; it’s a lighthearted rebellion against musical monotony. Join The Kev in breaking the mold, as he brings his uproarious charm to Manchester’s eclectic music landscape.

Fresh Release Songs

Center of my life

Artist: Jade Rozanne


Artist: Justin Schiz


Artist: Ollie Fay

Eddy N Jenny Pt. 2

Artist: MBG Lotti ft. D3

Game Show

Artist: Colour Theory Band