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City Waves

by Seewah feat. Mabel Lau

Hong Kong-based artist Seewah, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Mabel Lau, unveils the soulful “City Waves,” a fusion of chill rap, melodic tones, and pop vibes. Originating from Auckland, New Zealand, Seewah’s eclectic musical journey, influenced by rap legends and classic rock icons, sets the stage for his independent rise in the local music scene.

“City Waves” is more than a song; it’s a sonic narrative written amidst the chaos of 2020’s lockdowns. Seewah’s progressive-rap sound combines conscious lyrics with infectious hooks, reflecting his unique blend of influences. As the beats flow, the track captures the essence of feeling claustrophobic in the fast-paced urban life, mirroring the turbulent waves of existence. Join Seewah on this chill rap odyssey, where the city’s pulse meets the melodic flow of self-discovery.


Seewah feat. Mabel Lau

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