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Listen to maugic’s new, ethereal single “꿈보다더 COVER,” and prepare to be swept away to a fantastical land. This hypnotic tune by maugic takes you on an unforgettable musical adventure. The song’s dreamy mood is created by Keum Sang hun’s mesmerizing guitar riffs.

A visually gorgeous music video compliments maugic’s artistic vision. The video, made by maugic, enhances the whole effect by enveloping the viewer in a surreal visual tale that goes wonderfully with the music.

The opening notes of “꿈보다더 COVER” immediately capture your attention and carry you away to a fantastical world. A compelling and engrossing musical experience is created by the combination of maugic’s emotional vocals, expert production, and Keum Sang hun’s fascinating guitar skills.

Prepare to be swept away by the stunning beauty of “꿈보다더 COVER” by maugic. Follow the link below to be transported by this mesmerizing tune and enter a world beyond your own.


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