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#1 Stunna

by Queen Ty

Queen Ty, an upcoming artist from Virginia is of Afro-American origins. The influence of her origins must have been a deciding factor or else she must have had a genuine interest in choosing Hip Hop/ Rap as her outlet. Or it could be entirely due to an unknown reason to us. Irrespective of her reason , Queen Ty seems to have a knack for Rapping which is flawless and synthesizes well with electro beats.

Her latest single which is having rather an unusual name “#1 Stunna” proves her mettle as a rapper.
She has got quite a confidence considering her novelty in Hip Hop. It is refreshing always to see a female Hip Hop artist breaking the shackle of a predominantly male dominated industry. She has the potential of making it big like cardi B.

“#1 Stunna” is an urban , fast moving Hip Hop track. It requires a conscious mind to grasp what’s being said. The song is more of an affirmation to one self , a reminder on the importance of prioritizing self. However, it is put forward in a much bolder manner. Queen Ty surely has an understanding about how the music video culture operates, what gains more views and likes. To be specific she knows what grabs attention. For a novice like her I reckon the acknowledgement or the validation really matters. She does what it takes to reach the top. She is ambitious and fiereless.

Considering how difficult it is for a woman to make a place in the world of music , not to forget men go through difficulties as well. I admire her courage to believe in her dreams and putting effort to achieve.
Success or failure is surely not in her hands. Despite that one must truly appreciate Queen Ty for taking the baby steps. Remember, Rome was never built in a day. Consistency and perseverance will pave a path for her. Just a tad bit of a direction is what is required.

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