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by 12Milly

“12Milly” captures something stylish and powerful in his latest single. “GLOCKSTARR” is a song that pulls you in step by step, using tremendous contrasts as the subtle verses evolve into a hard-hitting, heavy hook section. It was now his own voice. That’s the mantra of 12Milly’s discography and his latest single GLOCKSTARR is; Gut-piercing guitar riffs, electro beats, fiery breakdowns and a powerful rap. 12Milly’s music is mainly based on hip-hop but isn’t afraid to dip into electronica, rap and even dubstep. This creates a dynamic feel throughout each verse and each chorus that can only be described as a journey.

You’ll be blown away by the vocals on this track, and the song itself is inescapably woven into your consciousness in an unforgettable way. It’s not easy to do these days, with tons of new metal hitting the airwaves every hour, but “12Milly” has found a way – and it’s done without too much volume or unnecessary drop-offs.

The track is minimalist mainly and stands tall on the strength of its own unique concept and conviction. That second verse drives the energy of this entire project – the further you get into the song, the faster and more intense the lyrics convey. So much so that even one or two listens are not enough to catch every idea. “GLOCKSTARR” is a strong example of this, a track that grabs you with its excellent hip-hop delivery amidst a powerful, spacious backdrop.

There’s no doubt that the track has musicality, and it feels like a classic, alternative metal piece in some respects, but the sound quality and the instrumental and sample choices — even the placement of the lead vocals in the mix — are all a bit left-of-centre. When you listen to 12Milly’s music, this quickly becomes a lasting feature of his sound and his approach to expression.

From that latest collection, “GLOCKSTARR” sees a creative and simple yet deliciously detailed soundscape with yet another powerful and authentic lead vocal delivery. it helps round out the listener’s understanding of 12Milly as an artist.

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