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DynOmitE Wright
DynOmitE Wright


by DynOmitE Wright

Being a young black man in America is pretty hard. DynOmitE Wright Officially Launched His Company DynOmitECo. And a small company from that corporation ran the apparel and customs. DOE (DontOverthinkEverything) is a US based clothing brand that specializes in custom apparel. DynOmitE Wright Is Also A Musician. He is a hip hop artist who comes from Delaware, United States.

He worked hard to achieve his dreams. He never thinks he can’t do it. He is always strong with positive attitudes. DynOmitE Wright Debut Mixtape is Micheal Jordan 23 That Is Released On His Website & Soundcloud. And also he did many singles. Such as Ruthless(One Take) Freestyle, Natureboi, water, close, losing my mind etc.

His single “7.30” track will hit soon. This track plays two minutes and forty one seconds. This hip hop track is amazing. It has meaningful lyrics. He is trying to tell a story. That is cool. This hip hop melodically infectious backbone and concept that consistently lure the listener in closer. From the opening verse he attracted our hearts. He has a catchy voice that can fascinate any music lover. His music gives us the strength and energy to make our mood positive. That makes his music very popular among new listeners and he is already rocking the hip hop field with his hip hop music.

You can listen to his creation in soundcloud. It’s all unique and creative. He tries to do different things. We can hope he will rock all hip hop music lovers.

DynOmitE Wright

DynOmitE Wright

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