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A New Foundation

by 2 At The Temple

The new mixtape “A New Foundation” by 2 at the temple, aka Tony $eeker, is sure to captivate your senses. This Melbourne, Australia-based musician has produced a stunning album of lo-fi hip hop tunes that will take you away to a land of relaxing rhythms and pleasant melodies.

This new album, “A New Foundation,” is a great example of 2 at the temple’s distinct sound and vision. Their dedication to making music that both entertains and touches listeners deeply is on full display in this mixtape. There’s a lot of thought that went into each song, as they all skillfully combine old samples with chill rhythms and melancholy overtones.

The mixtape is a reflection of Tony $eeker’s devotion to lo-fi hip hop, which draws from the history of the genre while also incorporating their own unique style. Prepare for a sound adventure with “A New Foundation,” and let 2 at the temple’s lyrical landscapes carry you away to a place of peace.

A New Foundation

2 At The Temple

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