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Get Away

by Dc JoeBlack

Here’s an exciting new song by DC JoeBlack called “Get Away” that’ll take you away to a different place. Originating in the nation’s capital Rapper JoeBlack is a prodigy, lauded for his genuine, unfiltered sound.

“Get Away” is an upbeat song that transports its audience on an exciting adventure, urging them to leave their mundane life behind and find a new sanctuary where they can express themselves uninhibitedly. DC JoeBlack’s flow and fascinating words make this single a showcase of his talent.

DC is an artist. JoeBlack uses music as a platform to share his stories and raise attention on the reality of his community, drawing inspiration from his upbringing in Washington, D.C.

Dive into DC JoeBlack’s music and let the pulsating beat of “Get Away” carry you away.


Dc JoeBlack

Dc JoeBlack

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