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Afraid of the Dark
Jameel Patrick ft Justin McGee
Jameel Patrick ft Justin McGee

Afraid of the Dark

by Jameel Patrick ft Justin McGee

Let me introduce you to “Afraid of the Dark” by Jameel Patrick, which features Justin McGee. Listen to this mesmerizing hip hop single from Cleveland, Ohio, and let it boost you up.

Jameel Patrick is a musician that uses his craft to inspire and uplift his listeners. After losing his sister and brother-in-law earlier this year, Jameel turned to his painting as an outlet for his grief. The end result is an inspiring song about embracing the unknown and not being afraid of difficulty.

The music video for “Afraid of the Dark,” which can be found on YouTube, is a visually engaging drama that works well with the song’s pensive lyrics. The addition of Justin McGee’s vocals enhances the track’s intensity.

Jameel Patrick’s social media updates will inspire you, particularly his song “Afraid of the Dark.” It’s proof that it’s possible to persevere and triumph over adversity.


Jameel Patrick ft Justin McGee

Jameel Patrick ft Justin McGee

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