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Don’t know her name

by Jace Metz

Jace Metz’s “Don’t Know Her Name” is a brand-new rock single that will immediately grab your attention and leave you wanting more. The Long Beach, California native Jace Metz shows off his skills as a rock musician with a performance that is both forceful and thrilling.

“Don’t Know Her Name” is a high-octane anthem that will have you headbanging along from the first note thanks to its addictive guitar riffs, thumping drumming, and Jace Metz’s powerful vocals. This song demonstrates Jace Metz’s skill in fusing hard rock instrumentation with radio-friendly melodies.

If you like rock music or are just looking for a fresh song to add to your collection, “Don’t Know Her Name” is an excellent choice. You may hear the full intensity of Jace Metz’s thrilling sound by following the link to the music on Spotify.

Listen to “Don’t Know Her Name” by Jace Metz and you’ll feel like you’ve been transported to the center of California’s thriving rock scene.

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