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by D3

Introducing “Airplanes,” the captivating new single by D3. This hip hop track showcases D3’s remarkable talent for singing and songwriting, blending emotive lyrics with a compelling beat.

At just 17 years old, D3 is making waves in the music scene from his hometown of Warren, Ohio. Known for his unique ability to merge hip hop with soulful melodies, D3’s music resonates with listeners on a deep level. His songs often reflect personal experiences and emotions, making his work both relatable and impactful.

“Airplanes” is a testament to D3’s growth as an artist. The track captures the essence of dreams and aspirations, painting a vivid picture of aiming high and overcoming obstacles. With its smooth flow and heartfelt lyrics, “Airplanes” is set to inspire and uplift audiences.

Keep an eye on D3 as he continues to rise in the music world, bringing fresh sounds and powerful messages with each release.

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