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My Lord and savior

by Drew Faith

Introducing “My Lord and Savior,” the soulful new single by Drew Faith. This track seamlessly blends Christian, Gospel, Americana, and Country genres, delivering a heartfelt and powerful message of faith.

Drew Faith, a singer-songwriter and producer from Los Angeles, is known for his praiseworthy music that inspires hope and devotion. His unique blend of Country, CCM, and Gospel music connects deeply with listeners, celebrating the love of Jesus Christ.

In addition to his musical talent, Drew Faith has also made his mark as an actor, proudly guest-starring in Season 3 of the popular TV show “The Chosen,” which tells the story of Jesus Christ.

“My Lord and Savior” is a testament to Drew Faith’s passion for creating music that uplifts and inspires. With its heartfelt lyrics and melodic composition, this song is sure to resonate with audiences, encouraging them to embrace faith and hope. Let Drew Faith’s inspiring new single guide you on a spiritual journey.

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