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All N Vegas

by Kaos Brought feat Rodney O

Kaos Brought feat Rodney O releases this amazing song “All N Vegas” to all its audiences, giving it a great hit, combining the classic hip hop and rap mood with something a little more electronic. The environment works well, the shock is sweet and easy to enter, and in addition, you get a unique and charismatic leading artist who gives the hooks and lyrics and flows with confidence and style.

Rapper Kaos Brought was born and grew up in Los Angeles. After a few turning points in life, Kaos has found his way creatively through sound and motivation. He has a voice of his own.

In this special issue, you will find Kaos’ stories in every verse. There are times when it connects on a fairly broad level, making it a song that can be appreciated by a wider audience, but it all has an undeniable personal experience and truth, it brings something incomparable. – An unspoken story, part of reality. The lyrics are very energetic, the lines are neatly arranged, and Kaos’ voice has the sweet voice of a hip hop star – a combination of subtlety and elegance, almost subtle but clearly evocative. It carries the emotions of this song very well.

“All N Vegas” is a huge track, vocal and creative, melodic and incredibly colourful. This gathering of producers and singers does something to soak you up with superior and refreshing energy. The way the whole thing is arranged creates a sound scene that looks both organic and mysterious at the same time. As a fan of powerful singing, the performance feature requires you to watch a live show. As a fan of creative, unexpected hip hop or rap music genres, the progress of the instrument allows you to listen to mind-blowing minutes. In both cases, the track asks you to play it out loud, thanks to a fantastic production work that can be achieved instantly – and is definitely recommended.

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