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Earth Embodied

by Destiny Love

Destiny Love, a beautiful and humble artist, is the creator of the embodied voice healing technique, and the vitality of her work as a light servant shines through in her melodious, clear, angelic voice, and powerfully lyrical. She hails from the Big Island of Hawaii. Destiny has a background in musicals and yoga, both of which have influenced her music. All of Destiny Love’s designs are next level. Destiny Love and her husband lead a song-based church called the “Elemental Temple”, which regularly facilitates participants’ heart-wrenching and rehearsal arrangements during their “song healing ceremonies that carry the voice of the soul to the icon”. The free style of lyric writing and vocal rhythms and vocalizations results in an angelic choir. The result is life-changing influential emotional releases and inspiration. Destiny Love’s mission is to benefit all creatures through her music, to uplift humanity and to dispel the miserable lower realms. You will hear that this intention shines through in her music.

If you can follow her on Spotify, you can listen to her New Age, Ambient, Yoga/Massage Music, Experimental, Spiritual Folk, Down-Tempo Electronical any track. It will change your mind and your attitude.

“Earth Embodied” is one of her masterpieces. This song was created to support an evening that leads the listener to deep relaxation and concentration. It does not have to be after a yoga class, but as a way to relax and integrate into your day. Comfort your soul with her voice and lyrics and give your mind a few minutes to rest today. Find a comfortable place to sleep or sit very comfortably to get the transmission through this song and these lyrics. Alternatively you can close your eyes and move your body in a spontaneous way that feels like a good yoga dance. This break gives you a moment to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of life.

Destiny Love

Destiny Love

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