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Already Yours

by D. Moe the Artist

D. Moe professionally is a lyricist and singer in Greenville SC. “Already Yours” is a song by “D. Moe the Artist” that brings about a unique meeting of genres in a way that seems all at once nostalgic and previously unheard. ‘Already Yours’ could be described as something of a hip-hop soundscape, though there’s heavy musical energy to the riffs and the sheer velocity of the rhythm on occasion. All in all, there’s something fresh about the sound, and that’s a valuable trait.

The music is actually quite roomy considering the rhythm and build. Simplicity allows listeners, especially other producers or DJs, to interpret the track and choose how to improve it.

The first lyric of the track seems to end in a free-form manner. There is no separate story line, a more conscious flow, at first the artist simply chases after the whole day, nurturing the relaxed environment of the track and simply meditating on the world around her. The second rap voice towards the end of the track has a high energy level and a fast pace, occasionally needing to re-listen to certain lines to see what kind of wordplay and concept you have explored. Just as you can play around with yourself or save hip-hop music around you, the musicality of the piece worked well in about a few minutes.

Comes as “Already Yours” a deeply thoughtful and genuine production. The accompanying video significantly enhances this feeling, but even by listening to his words and his voice – you feel that all of this is very real to him and that it means something. This deeply personal lyric can often separate a track from its audience, but in this case the words are intriguing and welcome at the same time. While you are part of a fruitful escape as a listener, the song also feels like a cure or escape for the artist – it helps to reach and express it in this way. Connect with the audience through music.

The unique nature of the music is captivating, and the track is explosive and intense to listen to, with its intriguing story line or soundtrack taking you on a journey, but its beauty comes thanks to it.

D. Moe the Artist

D. Moe the Artist

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