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Always Got Me


Iconic Dj & Producer duo VODKAFISH officially released their latest single “Always Got Me” gracing the listeners with another coolest musical experience. With the pleasant vocal from VODKAFISH, “Always Got Me” utilises a stunning lead that is bound to impress the listeners, leaving them enthralled eventually with a fiery drop. Further, “Always Got Me” showcases an incredible sequence that hits the right spot with altering the melody and drums. Particularly, the vocals spice up the flavour of the song, adding to the recipe straight before it could become monotonous. Obviously, the remarkable proficiency of this talent to infuse energy in the track to make it a bomb, stunning and enjoyable. More importantly,, “Always Got Me” is highly influenced by dream-like slap house traits particularly with robust beats as they merge different techniques and aural experiences to create exciting music. Moreover, the melody of this track is a bit surprising and a spirited release. With this release, VODKAFISH’s sound can perfectly describ as a significant mixture of big room, trance, house, and progressive. The sharp and notable effects that they produce throughout are exactly flawless. VODKAFISH have obviously mastered moving between the worlds of electronic instrumentals and vocal-driven songs, and listeners will certainly expect to listen to more of VODKAFISH in the future. Many music lovers will certainly relish it, from the bassline to the energetic kick, whether they are EDM fans or not.

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