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The Afroseas


by The Afroseas

Listen to The Afroseas’ new single, “Anything,” and you’ll be transported to the rhythms of the Afrobeat scene. The Afroseas are a ground-breaking Afrobeat band based in Hong Kong, and their music is causing a stir all around Asia and beyond.

The Afroseas is a collective of musicians committed to the genre of Afrobeat, led by founders Trisyo (Rwanda), Supa Massie (Sierra Leone), and “Master Abe pro” (Ghana).

More than just a song, “Anything” exemplifies The Afroseas’ unwavering commitment to the Afrobeat sound. The song captures the essence of Afrobeat in its addictive groove, pulsating rhythms, and upbeat atmosphere.

As The Afroseas continue to win over fans in Hong Kong and beyond, they’ve proven with “Anything” that they’re committed to their goal of spreading Afrobeat’s global influence. Don’t miss out on “Anything” by The Afroseas if you’re interested in hearing some authentic Afrobeat.


The Afroseas

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