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Save Your Tears

by Alonso Zurita

Alonso, a singer & songwriter living in Los Angeles, is about to win over listeners with his new single “Save Your Tears.” Alonso’s latest offering is a Pop song, and it’s a great example of his skill at writing songs with catchy melodies and affecting lyrics.

Alonso’s musical endeavor, “Dream In Colour,” is a representation of his creative vision and comes out of the dynamic Los Angeles music industry. As a song, “Save Your Tears” exemplifies Alonso’s talent at touching listeners emotionally with his compositions.

Alonso’s Pop music is full of genuine, relatable emotion since he draws on his own life experiences. Those who hear “Save Your Tears” are sure to be moved by the song’s inspiring melody and heartfelt lyrics.

Listening to “Save Your Tears,” you’ll be taken on a musical journey that exemplifies the artist’s commitment to making music with emotional depth. The world of Pop music is fortunate to have Alonso’s contribution, and “Save Your Tears” is an open invitation to immerse yourself in his extraordinary style.


Alonso Zurita

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