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Bad Girl Make You Run

by Jace Metz

Long Beach, California serves as the setting for Jace Metz’s most recent hip-hop/pop hybrid, “Bad Girl Make You Run.” This song serves as a warning tale about the dangers of becoming involved with a terrible lady, a situation that many people can relate to.

Famous for his charisma, Jace Metz takes you on a musical trip in which he expresses the pain of loss felt by everyone. This song serves as a reminder that love isn’t always what it seems, and that behind those innocent expressions of affection lies a sneaky side.

The words “mama always told me son better watch out, a Bad Girl make you run” will ring true for everyone who has been caught in the clutches of an enticing but poisonous love affair. A must-listen, “Bad Girl Make You Run” by Jace Metz features infectious music and sympathetic lyrics.

Jace Metz’s unique style is on full display in this song, which serves as a reminder that love can be both beautiful and treacherous.

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