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by GéNIA

GéNIA, a yogini, classically trained pianist, and composer, offers “Prana,” the second single from her forthcoming album, “Exhale.” GéNIA, who was born in Kharkiv, Ukraine, has been called “an outstanding musician” by The Times, and her career has brought her everywhere from the symphony hall to the keyboard.

The music of GéNIA has been featured on television shows including “Killing Eve,” “Cold Feet,” and “Close to Me,” as well as at major concert halls. Her compositions have been played on radio stations all around the world. Her classical music can be heard in coffee shops all around the world because she is Caffé Nero’s featured classical performer.

The Sanskrit word for “breath,” “Prana,” captures the essence of calmness in the midst of chaos. GéNIA, drawing on her experience as a composer, pianist, and yoga instructor, has timed the track’s tempo to coincide with the Sama Vritti breathing technique, which encourages slow, deep breaths. In a world when turmoil is the norm, “Prana” provides a place to slow down and think.

GéNIA, the creator of Piano-Yoga®, writes music that goes beyond sound. She aims to offer a set of breathing exercises and yoga postures alongside the CD to encourage a more rounded engagement with her music. Attendees of GéNIA’s 2024 live performances will get even deeper into the band’s extraordinary musical journey.

London-based GéNIA’s “Prana” encourages you to relax through her soothing piano solos and find harmony with the beat of your own breathing.

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