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In a world filled with noise, KING TYGUSS’s latest track, “BE TRANSFORMED,” is a profound reminder of the power of transformation and the need for divine assistance. This soul-stirring song features KATINA GUSS, amplifying its message of spiritual renewal.

KING TYGUSS’s music is a reflection of his deep spiritual journey and commitment to sharing the transformative message found in Romans 12:2. This verse urges us to break free from conformity and embrace the challenging path of transformation.

“BE TRANSFORMED” is a melodic prayer, a plea for divine intervention to guide us on this arduous journey of self-improvement. KING TYGUSS’s lyrics resonate with those who understand that personal change is a profound undertaking, one that cannot be achieved alone.

Hailing from an undisclosed location, KING TYGUSS is a unique voice in the world of Christian music. “BE TRANSFORMED” is more than a song; it’s a spiritual awakening that invites you to seek transformation, reminding us that, with faith and divine help, we can overcome conformity and embark on a journey towards genuine change.



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