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Bei Dir

by ClaraLotte

A beautifully conscious pop from the simple period to thought-provoking releases, a soul and a singer-songwriter, artistically blended with a circulating, dreamy soundtracks, unparalleled rhythms and subjective hooks. The unique ClaraLotte tops with her recognizable new song “Bei Dir” Stands up.

ClaraLotte is a singer/songwriter who comes from Germany. ClaraLotte combines nostalgia and sharp, contemporary designs throughout the charming and unassuming new single “Bei Dir”, majestically combining work ethic, passion and professionalism.

The track, which is easily captivating and dominated by charismatic vocals, exhibits an organic layer of pop, soul and singer-songwriter elements – strings, primitive rhythms and twisted drumming elements while narrating a subjective story.

ClaraLotte returns this season with a real touch, revelation, and catchy single, with perhaps the most important solo voice and melody progression. “Bei Dir” is unforgettable for its raw shameless details and awakening.

Gently guaranteed guidance and intriguing melody throughout ClaraLotte’s friendly listing structure effectively work to elevate the whole stand alone. The song begins with a strong sense of origin in the middle of a great self-pop layer of ingredients that gives access to a wider audience.

Created by ClaraLotte, “Bei Dir” presents a musician with a perfect voice and boldly inspiring but sincerely influential, very personal writing and concerto. “Bei Dir” is a song about best friends. With everything that separates people in this time, the trust and security in a friendship are more important than ever. “You’re here with me and that’s all that matters!”.

Definitely worth noting a single that pares things down to her good thoughts while lifting her to what’s genuinely possible in future songwriting. Listen to this amazing pop song. This is worth listening to.

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