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VoltaGabbana Prod Ray Nova
VoltaGabbana Prod Ray Nova


by VoltaGabbana Prod Ray Nova

“VoltaGabbana” by VoltaGabbana is a song that simultaneously brings a nostalgic and unprecedented variety of genres. “VoltaGabbana” is a great musician from Italy, Roma. Also, the lead voice of this amazing singer is one that is wet with gravel authenticity. Overall, there is something fresh in the sound and it is a valuable feature. VoltaGabbana’s amazing way of giving his rap songs a shock to the audience out there.

There is something very specific about VoltaGabbana’s creative use of synths; Maybe retro – like the old school game – maybe seemingly new. It brings you a unique sound and energy that is unmatched by anything else. On the one hand, these are soft and dream-like riffs; Delicate, their notes are minimal in use and can be memorized in the way any melody should be. On the other hand, there is this distorted, alternative synthesis, pulsating in the background, adding an omnipotent touch of hip hop and essentially creating something completely new and compelling to hear.

The track is surrounded by appropriately heavy music and emotion. The melody for the moment, this hook, as it were, is less complex than the lyrics, making this an unusually structured choice. The lines in the verses have a certain dynamic nature, the simplicity of the opening lines, then the complete, more detailed and expressive sentence. All this leads sharply into the hook, at which point there is another clear level of space around the lines, and a slight decrease in intensity comes with the power of emotion.

When you listen to it out loud, the music should have power. The track is addictive in the sense it gives you when everything is stormy. The final third is full of every possible fire and rap passion, but it comes off as this complete, effective energy wave. It is a professional, skilful, creatively assembled set of sounds and samples that may not work in any other way but are functional. He works beautifully. The thickness of the music surrounds you and at full volume, the experience is a different world.

VoltaGabbana Prod Ray Nova

VoltaGabbana Prod Ray Nova

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