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Better off by Myself
UltraViolet Band
UltraViolet Band

Better off by Myself

by UltraViolet Band

UltraViolet, an online band with members in the US, Singapore, and Japan, just dropped their new single, “Better off by Myself.” The band has a distinctive sound since it combines rock with techno and pop influences.

Tamaki’s strong vocals and the electric instrumentals of Yui, Miyuki, and Risako are featured prominently in the music video for “Better off by Myself,” which displays the band’s future image.

UltraViolet is a groundbreaking virtual band that exemplifies the boundless potential of making music in the digital age. Technology and the universal language of music enabled them to work together and create music despite their physical separation.

Listen to “Better off by Myself” and help UltraViolet break new ground by purchasing their music.


UltraViolet Band

UltraViolet Band

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