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Sing It Myself

by Code

Code, a rapper from New York, just dropped a new song called “Sing it Myself.” The song has a catchy melody and silky vocals, and its witty lyrics hit home. Code’s unmistakable flow demonstrates his songwriting prowess.

Code’s life narrative is motivational and gives his art greater depth. He had to put his energy into academics and athletics as a child to make it out of the ghetto. After graduating from Harvard and selling four businesses before turning 30, he returned to his first love: making music. Code is an artist to keep an eye on in the hip-hop industry because of his experience and distinct perspective, both of which inform his style.

You may listen to “Sing it Myself” on Spotify and see the music video on YouTube. Check out more of Code’s music on YouTube and follow him on Instagram at @codewontchange for updates.


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