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by YoVedo

Introducing YoVedo, a talented rapper, hip-hop artist and R&B musician from Vineland, New Jersey. YoVedo, who started his music career as Elijah Acevedo, has a unique musical style that is centered around his darker and auto-tuned flow. With a background in the Christian rap community, YoVedo has been making music since he was six years old and has honed his skills as an artist and producer.

His debut project, “March Madness,” was released in 2019 and since then, he has released multiple projects and singles that have accumulated over 250k streams. Some of his notable releases include “The Highway,” “Gatsby,” “Rookie and the Vet,” “Nautica,” “Highs and Lows,” and “Wit Me Now.”

YoVedo’s music is now available on all platforms, and you can watch his latest video ‘Bible ‘ on YouTube Whether you’re a fan of rap, hip hop or R&B, YoVedo’s music is sure to impress you. So check him out today!

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