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The Gap Between


PANDTN (Progress and Transformation) is the professional name of independent singer, songwriter and producer Vladimir Levintovich. For 25 years he dreamed of being a singer in a rock and roll band.

“The Gap Between” is the latest single from PANDTN, released worldwide via all primary streaming services on July 17, 2022. Rolling on a driving up-tempo alternative rock groove, staccato guitars, and analog synths create a dark minor-key mood.

“The Gap Between – Remix Version” artist brings a distinct electronic energy to the hook with an upbeat melody and soft lyrics. Amazing soundscape and the song is so fun, the artist has a unique sound at the moment – especially for a solo artist.

A remix can give a song new life and energy. If that song is already beautiful, make it even more beautiful. If you are a fan of EDM this is a track you will love. It’s got a dance beat and the energy we look for in every EDM song. The original song already helps people to relax and be happy during these tough times so this amazing remix adds another layer of positive energy and good vibes so that we can enjoy it to the fullest.

More than this, the heart of these songs, the substance of the songs, the songwriting and the creativity – always, always, are remarkably high. This song builds a different kind of audio theater, fills your mind with atmosphere, a very real and undeniably raw kind of atmosphere, and makes you want to listen hard to make sure you don’t miss any lines – fear the song will lose its meaning or The line that explains it all is very real. If that’s the kind of concern you can draw from your audience, you’re definitely doing something right. It’s another song that will send you out of control for the rest of your day, maybe humming or thinking it, singing its hook.

It’s nice to stumble upon an artist with this kind of dance music style. The music comes across as more organic, perhaps even more accessible than many of the more accessible tracks using heavy mixing sounds and effects. You can already record the live show, which is always a great benefit when discovering a new musician or band.



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