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Big Cap

by Jefe

New Orleans based artist Jefe drops a raw and captivating new hit “Big Cap” this year on YouTube. Focusing on the explicit way of rapping, this new track appears compelling as Jefe continues to push the boundaries of what is to be expected. And the melody and the beats are stunning with a solid mix of trap and R&B traits. The listeners are easily brought into a new and surprising dimension well-suited for the vibe of his new track. Moreover, “Big Cap” has its share of quotables. Each word is outstanding and thoughtful, flowing toward the downbeat. Particularly, the production here is particularly incredible, which flashes in and out like a beam of light. Further, the elegance of the synth’s pattern in the background, Jefe’s vocal flourishes into the beat’s casing, as the verses continue striking in a stunning way. Subsequently, talented Jefe’s performances on the creamy beat is the track’s biggest plus point, his impressive and remarkable vocal tone holding down the melodic responsibilities with surprising elegance. Overall, Jefe’s newest single, “Big Cap,” is a top-notch release that showcases one of his most memorable lines as the spine of an exotic trap anthem. It is honestly a joy to hear Jefe raps.

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