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Sexy Redlight

by DJ Soler

DJ Soler is a talented artist who was born in San Francisco, California. He recently released his latest Remix titled “Sexy Redlight”. His release is a two minutes and thirty seven seconds production and it consists of a full mix of House, Dance, Electronic styles of music, which is truly amazing.

The track initiates with the vocals of the singer which are projected with high and clear energy at the beginning itself. Within a few seconds, suddenly the sound shifts to a DJ Remix. An interesting strum of beats is offered to the listeners with the shift. The beat of the track is steady and is catchy indeed. Thus, from the first strum of the beat itself, all the listeners of this track are taken into a world full of dance rocks. Most importantly, this shift is not done separately. That is, the artist does not stop the previous sound and commence the Remix after a short while. He has perfectly combined the end of the starting sound and the start of the DJ Remix, so that the track is allowed to flow without any pauses. This has offered the listeners to enjoy the song and dance rocks without meeting any interruptions at all.

Consequently, we find that interesting sound designs are going on in the track and they are layered into a relentless beat. The lyrics are more amazing. They work in tandem with each beat of the song and keep better with each repeat.

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