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Blessed is a song by AMAGOD, a relatively established artist from Los Angeles, California.
The song has a slow paced Hip – Hop beat which is overpowered by AMAGOD’s crisp Rap,the highlight of the song. I am assuming AMAGOD is of mixed origins. Hence, the little bit of English and heavy dose of Latin ( correct me if I am wrong ) used throughout the song. AMAGOD seems comfortable while using both the languages and he is skillful.Loved his confidence in Blessed.

I often wonder why there are so many genres in music and even in books, movies for that matter. And how do a person choose one genre to stick to? Here is what I think. The choice is rather a difficult one, owing to many viable options. However, one chooses with the heart , a genre they feel at home. Confident in displaying his skill. AMAGOD is no different. Hip hop, Rap, R&B & Trap must have influenced , touched his heart and he must have definitely fallen in love.

Personally I ain’t a Hip -Hop lover because the minute I hear a song , my mind goes into an extreme fixture. I have to be focused. Either way I lose the beat or the lyrics. Most of the time I get carried away with what the artist is putting across. Nevertheless, Blessed is an exception. I focused more on the music rather than the Rap ( Rap was great ) owing to my poor knowledge in the respective language. Blessings in disguise. Blessed has beat boxing and synthesized female vocals which are vague in the background.

Blessed proves the creative mettle of AMAGOD. Also, previous work such as Anime is droolworthy, with all the elements in the right place. Most importantly in his every video you could see the consistency being carried forward. All of them are vibrant and sunny as if depicting AMAGOD’s personality.Loving the vibrance. Tune in to Blessed to get the feel of vibrance.

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