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Refine My Mind

by Big Tyme

Big Tyme, a novice artist from Detroit, is full of youth and energy. His latest song “Refine My Mind” lives up to the appeal and the song is high on energy. Coming from Detroit, a place known for its wide range of music such as Classical ,Blues,Jazz ,Gospel , R&B, Rock and Roll, Punk , Soulful, Electronic and Hip-Hop respectively must have had its effect upon Big Tyme while growing up. Hence the love for Hip Hop and Rap.

The song “Refine my mind” is of Hip- Hop , R&B mainly.While elements of Electronic music and Punk music are quite visible. Without an iota of doubt one could say that the song is of punk and hard hitting. Makes you feel on the edge, which is exemplary for a predominantly Hip-Hop song. Big Tyme proves how fusion music could do wonders. If you want to know the wonders, listen to “Refine My Mind”.

A much closer in depth look at the song , you will realize it is all about picking up the pieces and refocusing and redefining new ways to reach the original goal. Gives the extra punch to ones who feel temporarily demotivated. What a powerful message.

Big Tyme as an artist exuberates confidence, the raw energy which captures the hearts of the audience. There is a certain magnetic aura about him. And that might be his ubiquitous factor along with his amplified music. A long journey is ahead of Big Tym. It will take some time to make it Big Tyme in the world of music. If he remains true to himself, it won’t be a mammoth task. All the Best !!!

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