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Blood On The Fitting Room Floor ft DoSe

by Kevlar Kohleone

Kevlar Kohleone’s new track “Blood On The Fitting Room Floor” features DoSe and is a must-hear for hip-hop aficionados. The song has a heavy, resonant beat and rousing, heartfelt lyrics, making it an anthem with real impact.

Kevlar Kohleone’s lines are raw and introspective, showcasing his signature flow and delivery. DoSe’s vocals elevate the track to a new level, making this a standout team effort.

With Kevlar Kohleone and DoSe performing in front of stunning images, the music video for “Blood On The Fitting Room Floor” is just as potent. The song unambiguously serves as an anthem for the oppressed and a call to arms for those who have been harmed.

“Blood On The Fitting Room Floor” is a must-listen for hip hop and socially concerned music fans. If you like this song, you should watch the music video for it on YouTube right now and add the song to your playlist.

Kevlar Kohleone

Kevlar Kohleone

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