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Bad Girl Make You Run

by Jace metz

Meet Jace Metz, a young musician on the rise from Long Beach, California who just dropped a new hip-hop/pop single called “Bad girl make you flee.” The song is an infectious blend of hip-hop and pop, complete with a powerful pace and a memorable melody that will stay with you for days.

Artistically gifted musician and composer Jace Metz is creating waves in the music industry with his one-of-a-kind approach. The success of his single “Bad girl make you run” is evidence of his talent and shows that he can create engaging and memorable songs that fans can’t get enough of.

You can listen to the song now and add it to your Spotify playlist. Hence, listen to Jace Metz’s new single, “Bad girl make you run,” if you enjoy hip-hop and pop music. It’s a lively and upbeat tune, ideal for playing at a party or for a workout on a warm day. To stay up to date with Jace Metz’s music, be sure to follow him on all of his social media accounts (@jace metz).

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