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nail, mori
내일, 모리 nail, mori

개화 Blossom

by 내일, 모리 nail, mori

The new single “개화” (Blossom) by the Seoul-based artist nail, mori is sure to impress. nail, mori is an experimental Drum and Bass band from Japan that are well-known for their ability to transport listeners with their music.

Nail, mori, who calls themselves a “slave of depression” and a “creator of emotional garbages,” draws inspiration from their personal anguish to craft an honest and emotionally resonant style of music. Like a flower opening its petals, they hope to capture the essence of one’s own inner growth and evolution through “개화.”

nail, mori captures the vivacious spirit of Seoul in their music by incorporating the bustle and din of daily life. They take Drum and Bass in uncharted directions with their innovative sound design.

Get ready to be swept away by the captivating melodies of “개화” (Blossom), the latest offering from the groundbreaking Japanese indie rock band nail, mori.

nail, mori

내일, 모리 nail, mori

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