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Prepare to be mesmerized by RAM6 and Maurixx’s latest sizzling electronic dance music single “Heartbeat.” This formidable combo combines their vast individual skills with a shared love of electronic music to create an amazing performance.

Having come from a musical family, Maurixx is a talented artist who finds his creative muse in disco music from the ’70s and ’80s. His career as a DJ took off in the early 2010s, but it all began in the 1980s, when he frequented nightclubs and had a passion for exploring different musical styles. Maurixx’s music comes from his desire to spread joy via his craft and his profound love for music.

RAM6 is a well-known Dutch producer who focuses on Electronic Dance Music, House Music, Trance Music, and Pop Music. RAM6’s tracks have become internationally popular thanks to their collaborations with well-known musicians from around the world.

“Heartbeat” is a throbbing electronic dance music track that is full of life and feeling. This track is the epitome of commercial vibes and club-ready sounds, with its captivating beats, seductive vocals, and catchy chorus. Get ready for a musical adventure that will leave you feeling inspired and energized with “Heartbeat.”



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