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James Herndon
Colour Theory Band


by Colour Theory Band

Introducing “Bolonee,” the latest track from Colour Theory Band, an R&B Funk group hailing from the streets of St. Louis. Comprised of three talented brothers, Colour Theory Band infuses their music with a unique blend of soulful rhythms and infectious grooves.

“Bolonee” exemplifies the band’s commitment to creating music that resonates with authenticity and passion. The brothers’ seamless harmonies and dynamic instrumentation create an irresistible soundscape that captures the essence of R&B and Funk. Their music reflects their roots, bringing the vibrant energy of STL to life.

With “Bolonee,” Colour Theory Band aims to transport listeners to a place of joy and celebration. The song’s upbeat tempo and catchy melody are a testament to the band’s ability to craft feel-good anthems that get audiences moving. Dive into the soulful vibes of “Bolonee” and experience the dynamic energy of Colour Theory Band.

James Herndon

Colour Theory Band

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