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The Conductor



“Bounce It” is the electrifying collaboration brought to you by none other than THE CONDUCTOR featuring A-Bleezy. From the vibrant city of Houston, TX, these artists deliver a Hip Hop/Rap fusion that sets the dance floor ablaze.

THE CONDUCTOR, a maestro in the Hip Hop scene, orchestrates beats that compel you to move. A-Bleezy adds his lyrical prowess to the mix, creating a dynamic synergy that defines the Houston sound. In the heart of the Southern rap hub, “Bounce It” is more than a song; it’s a sonic celebration, a rhythmic journey through the streets of Houston.

Get ready to surrender to the infectious beats and unstoppable flow as THE CONDUCTOR and A-Bleezy invite you to experience the undeniable energy of “Bounce It.” It’s not just music; it’s a testament to the hip-hop legacy thriving in the heart of Texas.

The Conductor


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