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Rita Shamrakova


by Rita Shamrakova

Step into the haunting world of Rita Shamrakova with her latest release, “Demons.” An artist known for pushing boundaries, Rita takes us on a chilling journey with her new scary song for 2023.

Based in a city that never sleeps, Rita Shamrakova is an enigma in the music scene. With a bio shrouded in mystery, her music does the talking. “Demons” transcends genres, crafting an eerie soundscape that grips the listener’s soul.

This new scary song is not just an auditory experience; it’s a visceral encounter with the unknown. Rita draws inspiration from the shadows, weaving a sonic tapestry that sends shivers down the spine. Brace yourself as “Demons” emerges, offering a glimpse into a musical realm where fear and fascination dance hand in hand, leaving you captivated and craving more.


Rita Shamrakova

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