Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by DJ Soler

Solar, the DJ producer, original American DJ who always showcases his talent through instrumental, mixes and remixes. Solar’s skills have been continually sharpened with pinpoint accuracy through his amazing remixes. The artist is imaginative at its fundamental core and has an almost magical ability to mould and layer sounds. For certain, his speed, mastery may have gotten him noticed, but he is also a deep digger, with a huge proficiency that has been acquired over years, inscribing the art of a proper DJ.

With his new production “Brutal,” the producer once again tossed the music on its head, giving rise to fresh facets to grace the luxurious vocal lines that existed amongst the pure musicianship from DJ Soler on the original track. “Brutal” is filled with club mixes that are festival-ready and finely mixed addressing a huge crowd. With this top-notch creation, DJ Soler manages to give a new finish to the original track through new advancements, modified vocals, and harder-hitting beats. It is difficult to put the feeling of Dj Solers’s rework of “Brutal” into words. Undoubtedly this smashing track will be solidified as a terrific track, while “Brutal,” by DjSoler version will be kept in the greatest admiration, and remembered huge. The heated beat is made heavy for live concerts bestowing extreme festivity to the audience.

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