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Before You Lose Your Mind


INGVAY’s magical world is full of immensity and freedom when he first listens to JJ Cale at home with his father. He still can not put his finger on it, but one thing’s for sure: it’s a world he wants to be a part of. He still can’t classify them exactly. His uncle is a blues guitarist. He showed him the first riffs. From then on, INGVAY found his style. He burned his musician’s heart from his musical sound. His music is interesting to hear. It can fascinate our hearts.

As a teenager he traveled to distant lands. While camping in France, he played around campfires in Spain, Italy. After that he toured Europe as a sound engineer for years. He was always looking for the attitude to life that only this music can give him. He started to write his own songs. At the beginning he wrote about life on the road, a journey into life’s vastness as well as his inner self. He gathers his longtime musical colleagues around him and continues to develop his style by returning to his roots. INGVAY begins his journey once more setting sail to a new age With his new album “Keep It Up”.

In their own studio and tour, INGVAY collaborates with a number of German stars such as Roger Cicero, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Wolfgang Niedecken, Söhne Mannheims, Hannelore Elsner, Ulrich Tukur, as well as international crews.

INGVAY is a talented artist who means what he sings. After this pandemic time he has now plunged back into music and set his experiences to music. This incredial singer released “Before You Lose Your Mind”. This rock is amazing and the guitar play is incredible. His voice is heart touching and the band is powerful. If you can listen to this song before you lose your mind, I think it is worth it.

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