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by Donis Greene

Donis Greene, an unheard artist from Toledo,Ohio has released his latest single named “Busy”. The song has prominent features of Old Hip – Hop / Rap song. The beats and rapping shines throughout the song, which were the main highlights for me.

Donis Greene does not appear shy, rather he appears confident almost as if he is a pro, thus the conclusion of him being a skillful rapper could be drawn. A sure sign of a great artist making in progress. A long journey is ahead of him.

Apart from his skill and passion for Hip- Hop music , the fellow artist from Ohio must have had its impact over him in choosing the genre. Given that Hip – Hop being embedded in culture and his origins must have been a natural choice to choose Hip Hop.His form of self expression is clear without chaos. Simple , honest and direct. The song is of a motivational cum frustration venting mechanism.The perfect kind of song to get over hurt and blow off some steam out the nervous system.

Special mention for the video production team , which is of high quality. Simple and poignant without much distractions captures the focus of the listeners and viewers. Some great planning must have been involved. Sometimes having or showing less work.
“Busy” is an example.

On a very personal note, the song brings the early 2000 Hip – Hop vibe making me feel nostalgic.
Donis Greene, the artist seems to be building on the foundation and not overdoing it by adding variations. Playing safe it seems. However the basic formula does wonders just like every time. Hence, proves one needs get the basics to master the art with variations adding on in coming years.

“Busy” a true blue old Hip Hop song. If you still love the old world charm. This one is absolutely for you only.


Donis Greene

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