Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Clientele

With a smooth, rhythmically flawless delivery and an emphasis on properly blurring the line between melody and rap, “Somehow” is the kind of song that immediately engages listeners and keeps them hooked for the entire three minutes and five seconds.

‘Clientele’ is an artist from Miami FL. ‘Clientele’ has joined forces with Swa Playmaker & Rick Hyde on this “Somehow”-themed track made creatively. ‘Clientele’ handles the track, while Swa Playmaker & Rick Hyde do some additional vocals throughout. The result Is a track that Is both catchy.

“Somehow” opens with a laid-back, head-bobbing groove that sets the tone for the track. ‘Clientele’ comes with smooth, effortless flows that move the listener. The lyrics of ‘Clientele’ are clever and paint a picture of a fun-filled weekend in the studio, complete with friends, good food and good vibes. He returns to the chorus with some catchy vocals that will stick in your head long after the track ends.

The verses are packed with clever wordplay and punchlines, delivered with precision and a laid-back flow. The tune is catchy and easy to sing along to, with a memorable chorus that will get stuck in your head. Clientele and Swa Playmaker & Rick Hyde have created a fire song for summer that is sure to get everyone’s head nodding. if you are a hip-hop/ rap lover, you will definitely love this. So turn up the volume, and enjoy the Weekend!

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